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Local Outdoor Sporting Goods Store in Southeastern MA

At Sportsman’s Outfitter, Inc, we’re all about providing exceptional customer service. As your local sporting goods store serving Southeastern MA, it is no surprise that our entire family enjoys the outdoor lifestyle, including fishing, boating, and hunting. Our passion provides unique insight into exactly what our customers need for their next successful outing. Throughout our over 20 years, we’ve continually grown by providing expert customer service. Whether you’re looking to fish at one of the local salt or freshwater bodies of water in the area or want to enroll in a firearms safety course, you can count on us. Learn more about how our continual dedication to our customers has led to our success.

little girl holding a fishing pole

We’re All About Customer Satisfaction

As a local business, customer satisfaction is at the forefront of every decision we make. We know that without our customers’ support, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Our selection of products and services is specifically curated to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Sportsman’s Outfitter, Inc started as a bait and tackle shop before adding a firearms and ammunition division. We’re proud to see that our customers, who first visited our store 20 years ago with their fathers, now bring in their own children to continue the tradition.

fishing pole laying on a dock

Discover Why More Customers Choose Us

  • Conveniently Located
  • Wide Selection of Products
  • Numerous Services
  • Knowledge of Local Fishing Spots
  • Family-Owned and -Operated
  • Competitive Prices

Make Us a Part of Every Outdoor Adventure

Whether you’re an outdoor hobbyist or a seasoned fishing enthusiast, you can count on Sportsman’s Outfitter, Inc for the best gear, bait, and rod sales selection and service. We also provide firearm sales and trade-ins. As a local outdoor sporting goods store, you can always count on our team to assist you on your next outdoor adventure. Our family loves living the outdoor lifestyle and is prepared to help make your next journey exciting.

Adventure Awaits You